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I for the most part agree with the author and am sorry that a most necessary budget cut is / was required throughout the government offices including that of culture.

What bothers me is that while artists such as actors (for example) do not mention the high salaries of theatres executives

I recently read ‏1 that salaries of the GM of HaBima, HaKameri and the Israel museum in Tel-Aviv ‏2 to name a few, amount to tens of thousands of Shekels monthly (high five and six figures).

This is not to say that these executives do not have a responsible, demanding duty. Yet, in these hard times, I would expect some leadership from them by making self enacted cuts on their salaries (I know it is a little naive)

Although it may be a drop in the water it will send a message of solidarity and empathy.

1I can't find the exact links

2 I believe it is under the authority of the Ministry of Culture

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