The Blob: Within a labyrinth 134995
The Blob: Within the labyrinth of misleading analogies, mocking will, and fabrication of history


Where now and what is to be done, in view of perspectives introduced through some of my previous messages?
Indeed, there has not been a shortage of those that formulated for us and stunned us - often in some way complementing us - formulated striking analogies (such as, drawing parallelism between the Zionist enterprise and the crusaders that had conquered and settled the holy land; or with Colonialism in South Africa or Rhodesia; or in “highlighting” the Palestinian holocaust - the Nachbah, etc.); analogies presented with rhetorical talent. That is, historical analogies and metaphors such that amazement and multicolor descriptions have diverted attention from noticing their falsification by available and accessible facts; and their being uni-lineal-to-mock through the spirit of Pathos and by the weight of a facade of historical "seriousness”.

In fact, history has often been fabricated, or marginal features of it were emphasized, enforcing blindness towards essential aspects.

We have virtually been put into a blob through manipulations towards consciousness, manipulations partly driven by often romantic yet coercive tendencies, that attempted with ever-increasing Sisyphean thrust, further and further falsifiable, to perpetuate a reality of a specific socio-economic oligarchic structure still retaining Bolshevik concepts, of the kind historically proven to be of a puzzling nature. This, with a momentum inevitably leading towards getting sealed behind ever-growing hermetic and autistic collectivism and group-think.

The way to getting out of the blob - may well be a restoration of individualistic consciousness -

Yet, mainly, modesty in face of the nature of things -

We may have to once again learn to tell ourselves:

There is an objective world;

Reality is complex, yet built-in into the nature of human Reason like a glove into a hand (which necessitates the human capacity full-optimization Imperative of being loyal to the exalted and high in us - as worthy for a Man sui-generis - where horizons are often those of slipping into group- or individual- defilement and disgrace).

And there is, as we can feel inside our utmost essence and innermost, intimate yet latent faith and hope, yes, there is a directionality in the evolvement of civilization whose pace depends upon us (since there is also flimsiness, looting gangstarism and regression).

And he who complies and goes along this directionality (That can be sensed, yet its formulations are never exhaustive) potentially helps himself and the rest of his kind in the short run, yet also in the intermediate and the long run, helps to render available robust and mighty resources that defend social embroidery and body's tissues and spirit from ruin (or from submission onto foreign will - satanic/seductive or any other; or annihilation).

Yet, there is not "the way", not the ultimate way, only alert minds and perpetual efforts.

It has been said: "I know you by deed" - the knowledge for breaking-through and out of the mind-chaining blob builds upon the skilled and complexity-organizing deed - that of ever-attentive effort-and-courage through doing - we shall know the right thing and generate well-aimed most fruitfully resulting acts at the precise moment, only through them.

No leader can give us what we shall not have, that is, in most cases every nation gets in a given consciousness/social situation the leader it deserves.

מישהו מהאיילים האמיצים פה מוכן לתרגם ולתמצת?
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הנה אין ספור מילים מפוצצות שאינן אומרות בעצם דבר.
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