ild is not a weapon in a demographic war 158353
Well, After reading the weekly article in Haaretz about the single mothers I feel I gained some more insight.
I would like to aim my thoughts towards the well argumented Mr. Straight of the pride march discussion.

Dear Mr. Straight, you argue for the need to have more children, inorder to sustain the future demographic balanace of Israel you wish to encourage middle class family "of the right kind" to exist and grow. Leaving the yet-unborn aside I ask what about the state-of-living of so many children who are already here, alive, hungry and uneducated?
I trust you do admit that it is not only a child's parents who fund him but also the state. The former do it directly and the latter indirectly.
At an increasingly acute econonic situation, when resources are scarce and becoming scarcer, you are clamoring for the existence of more children, i.e. more burden on the system. And that is when educational levels are declining and so many are in a state of urgent need for basic necessities.
You argue for the growth of middle class families,
while I argue for the economic uplifting (and education is the only way) of existing low class families.
I think that for the future wellbeing of Israel a rise in quality is more suitable than a rise in quantity.
ild is not a weapon in a demographic war 158491
Hear, Hear.
ild is not a weapon in a demographic war 158522
מדוע? זה שיהיו פחות ילדי-עשירים לא יפתור את בעיותיהם של ילדי-העניים. אם כבר, אז בטווח הארוך, רק שמירה על היחס הקיים בין המגזר היצרני התומך לבין המגזר הנתמך תאפשר לראשון להמשיך לקיים את האחרון ברמה הנוכחית. כיוון שהמגזר הנתמך ממשיך לגדול בקצב גבוה, השמירה על היחס מצריכה גם גידול במגזר התומך.
ild is not a weapon in a demographic war 159841
בחברה הישגית נורמלית יש אפשרות לניידות, לפחות עד המעמד הבינוני.

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