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Hey, Gil. you can write about your angry theories anywhere, but let me tell you some simple and little personal experiences of my own. Something to think about. At age 6 I was assulted sexually by someone - a man, BTW, whom I do not know. He kidnuped me and used verbal and physical violance to force me to do things that I did not want. (No, no, it is not about guilt - but if you insist, feel free.) When I dared to speak about it with some friends in highschool I found out that at least another friend end was raped as a child. My mother told me about a some sexual abuse she had as a child. Later on I found out that more and more of my friends were assulted or raped sometimes in their life. I wander how many of these cases was a woman involved. Moreover, every day, many of us, the women, are humiliated in the streets by responses of man without any dignity. I do not think that you can tell me about comparable experience of men by women. Also, are you afraid to go by yourself in the night? I guess not very. Many woman have a constant alertness on the street, especially at night. The daily experience of women in our society, even after the revolution you condemn, is much tougher, in that sense, than for men, and long term humiliation and low dignity have long term effect on how we feel with ourselves and in life - many of us, despite feminism. We feel less secure and less assured. We try to find a way to feel better. Some of that requires changes in the behavior of men - asindividuals and as a society. Some women chose to do it more agressively, and of course you do not like that, but some men need such an approach to get things differently. Some other men do not need that, and some more men may react as you do. I am not sure that you agree about the need of consistently fighting for our dignity. Why should you bather? It was so better when you were the kings and we were the slaves, isn't it. your reaction is similar to that of a rich man when he is asked to give up some of his money so that some poor people can live better. I do not care about your opinion, I care about the opinion of those who read you, so you do not need to respond to me. ENJOY YOUR ANGER!
Silly Cow
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Can you please send an email to ?
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Can't you share us all in? Give me a hint what it is about
BTW, here is another demonstration of how feminized is the journalism today:
Gil Ronen - I am sure that it will be documented in your library before you will read this response. Good for you.
Silly Cow, 188082
Why are we writing in English?

As for your experience, it sucks cowshit. But the only people who can discipline, hunt down, shame and punish the bad men are good, strong ones. The solution is not draconian anti-male laws and a ceaseless propaganda barrage against all things male.
The solution is leadership, not castration. 188085

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