Up a stair, down a stair. 21124
Why does it seem that Abu-'Ammar is running up the stairs, and instead of us following in persuit, we simply whine about it?

On a more serious note, is Sderot inside or outside of the Green Line?
Up a stair, down a stair. 21125
שדרות. עיירת פיתוח, כזה, בנגב? היטב בתוך גבולות 67'. כקילומטר מהגבול עם רצועת עזה, ליתר דיוק.
Up a stair, down a stair. 21180
Thank you. I take this opportunity to apologize for my ignorance of geography. I hope that it doesn't become critical in any other discussion.

Now everything is a tad clearer, by the way.

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