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I have found the article by Gil Ronnen Fascinating and have decided to take the time and read all the (just about) 1800 responses posted as a result.

My apology for the English Language, though I am an Israeli, I am spending most of my time abroad and using my English Keyboard forcibly.

I would like to respond to the many of the readers here summarizing my impression insofar.

Gil Ronnen is very convincing and the reason is that he is able to separate his personal view about women from the facts about woman. I grew convinced that Gil is sincere and seeing the feminist problem as it is, namely a problem.

There is no doubt that the initiation of the feminist movement was a highly positive event and was aiming at freeing the women of the world from years of second level citizens of the world.

As it happen in many other areas the just and correct intention was taken by opportunists, men and women and twisted into a level that is actually going against the initial noble intentions.

Feminist are talking much about men that hating women but there is no doubt that large parts of the feminist movement supporters of today are actually the meant haters of the world from the feminine side.
Do not understand me wrong, the vast majority of the world’ women are far from hating men, at the contrary. But at it is happen so frequently the small extreme feminist part is dictating the agenda for the silent majority.

I have found the Bible’s teaching about the human nature and of some of the respondents here very appalling:

They have eyes but they can not see
They have ears but they can not hear and…
Yes, they do have testicles but they have no balls

Don’t you see the clear signs of the feminist movement spilling overboard its advocacy against men? What should be done more to convince you guys that the battle for equal rights has become the battle of the Saxes?
It is almost reminding me the holocaust deniers or the anti-Semitism deniers. No matter how much of the fact will brought forward, they insist on the fact that the night is the day and visa versa.

Women are equal to men but both Saxes are not the same. They are holding different qualities that are complimentary to each other and creating the whole only when they are bonded together. That is the nature choice and the is the sheer fact.
Men are excels in specific areas while women are excelling in others. The feminist movement inclination to portrayed women as better human then men is stupidity at best and idiotism in its worst.

We all are having our limitation but sure enough we could define manly duties and feminine ones. Sure enough some will rise and show the otherwise here or there. To those I am saying that at the edges you could always find masculine women and a feminine men but judging the races based on the edges is wrong and misleading. It is undeniable that the men’s majorities are masculine and the women majorities are feminine.
If men may excels better in the battle field or technology areas the women are in no doubt excels in the nursery and social work and please do not try to exchange them, the results may come to be devastating.

Men and women are sharing equal rights and obligation for the family cell while created and when it was dismembered. The law and law enforcement authorities are playing a cynical game allowing the women the upper hand in most cases of disputes between the family parties in the past 20-30 years.
The added rights these days women are enjoying are a direct result of corrupted politicians, men and women, which are behaving politically correct and obviously wrong in order to gain a political influence with their women voters.

Add to that the women lobby organization that as it seems are taking any piece of advantage to gain the upper hand over the men race and while doing so they are smashing any drop of decency that may left with them. The goal of bashing men is a sacred one for them over any moral one.

I can not see any immediate solution to the above problem other then creating men organizations that will push ahead men’s lobbies in the world parliaments and become a counter weight against the women lobbies.
Those men lobbies should change the political agendas and making it politically correct to support equal men’s rights side by side to women’s.

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אחד אלט ואחד טנור.
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Man and woman are biologically diferent (and with
many similarities as well) that is a fact

Those diferences are playing well in the nature's "Game"

The whole family structure and advendtages is based upon those diferences

Lets argue about opinions we can not argue about facts, ever

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