The southern defense line of Israel 219817
Lets start with a definition.

Houses destruction is wrong and unjust. How nice, I already feel well.

Lets proceed by saying that the Supreme Court decision came on the heel of wide outrage in Israel against it. As Iphargan in NFC said, it rapidly becomes the Bastille of Israel.
The honorable judges could easily imagine what will happen if they where banning the destruction of the houses in Rafih. Should we say that all is related to a Job Security issue?

Despite all the said above the decision was correct and just but not of the Supreme Court reasons.

Fighting a terror is not like fighting a conventional war where two armies are standing against each other and trying their best to destroy the other side.

The terror is everywhere and taking all sort of form to inflict fear and terror on the other side. The terror is taking a definite unconventional means to achieve success over the opponent.

The fight against the terror is taking, and better be, many new forms and among them we should count the following:

1. Drying out the financial resources
2. Convincing the civilian population, those that without them the terror could not flourish, that it is better for them to cooperate with the other side
3. Psychological warfare against the terror and those that harboring them
4. Isolating the terror geographically and mentally to a manageable control over it
5. Suppressing all fighting means from the reach of the terrorists
6. Intelligent, Intelligent and more intelligent. All means are fine and fair electronic and air surveillance, Collaborators, spies, just name it.
7. Counter terror well, that one is problematic but do work well. There is no other mean that suppressing a terror then inflicting a terror on the terrorists
8. Determination, relentless and focus. Like in any other mission and complicated tasks here is very mush alike
9. Pitilessness who ever trying to portray him as a Nice soul will find himself attacked vigorously harder for the terror pity is a sign of weakness and therefore achieving its goal.
10. Extending the longest possible hand to those parts among the population that is harboring the terror but actually seeking a peaceful solution.
11. Understanding that this war is just like any other war conduct and the only difference that it is done in the Twilight-Zone instead of a broad daylight.

From all the above nice definition lets get back to the Gaza Stripe.

The Stripe is a boiling pot; no holy water will suppress the stress and hatred spilled there against Israel. On its face Israel should stay there in order to control the terror that coming and that is sure to come over from in the future.

There are other considerations though. The population in the Gaza Stripe is already inflated there and projections to the future are predicting that the Gaza population will out do Israels in very short years to come.
Who is going to take care of all those people mass, Israel? Not wise, to say the least.

Therefore the separation plan is making sense, and I am not getting into the argument as of how many settlements will be evacuated, that is irrelevant to the bigger issue.

Israel should be out of the Gaza Stripe officially, not being responsible, by law, to those people and the way of unilateral separation is brilliant.
Nothing is new here; in effect the IDF is out of the Palestinians cities at the Gaza Stripe for pretty long time, so the issue is more declarative and resembles the actual, in-effect situation.
Israel should let the Palestinian boiled by own juices under the responsibility of the international community that in no doubt will do nothing. Predictably a civil war between the opponent parts in this society will erupt and the victor will be able to negotiate some kind of agreement (note the lack of the word Peace here yes, I am skeptical on this for the next 30-50 years to come, if any I mean a true one) between us and them.

It seems to me that the Palestinian society should go through the melting pot of independence pre-preparations (Read: internal blood shed) before coming up with a stable, able, just and modern society.

We should not be involved in this needed, unavoidable Palestinian internal process all we have to do is making sure that they will not interfere our way of life in this process.
It sound a bit inconsiderate and yes, it is. If we want to preserve our survival and way of life that exactly how should be feeling and behave.

Here comes the Philadelphi rout issue.

Regardless of the Gaza Stripe settlement and definitely not as how some militant Left parts in Israel are portraying it, Philadelphi rout will, paradoxilly. Remain the southern defense line of Israel for years to come and therefore should be prepared and ready for its task

If you think that I am talking about the Palestinian only, think again, I am talking about the Palestinian and Egypt alike. We are witnessing equal threat from both of them. Actually as it is looking like now the Gaza Stripes Palestinian terror is the long arm of the Egyptians to contain us, the Israelis at bay and weaken us internally and externally.

So now it may come clearer why Israel should strength it holds on the Philadelphi rout and now it clearer as of why more houses there has to crumble down.

Sure enough we could come here with productive solutions like asking the Egyptians to absorb large chunks of the Gazas Palestinians in the Sinai Desert and that solution is sound good enough to be working on.

Nevertheless this is not a magic solution for all the troubled Gaza Stripe and definitely will not suppress the future terror completely.

It is us or them and better be them.