two faces for every coin 219860
I have got older and hopefully wiser.

My life experience was teaching me a highly important lesson:

Never, but never one side is totally black and the other one is totally white….and…visa versa.

Now you the wisdom of the generations, you tell me what was surly wrong with each side (I repeat, both sides) and that includes Vilnai-Federwehat side alike.

…and to all the petticoat news-people that think something is wrong solely with Bar’el (or at least pretending to be that way) please check what is wrong with yourself…

two faces for every coin 219866
חוץ מאשר לעוות את שמה, איזו ביקורת עניינית יש לך על אורלי וילנאי פדרבוש?
two faces for every coin 219916
למה להשמיץ סתם? היה לנו גם visa versa (זאת בטח הויזה המיוחדת ההיא שנמצאת רק בפספורטים האגדיים שהעולם מנפיק לאזרחיו).
double wanton faced 219938
how dare you mock an officer of the israeli army, an officer, and one who had given his best years to the service of 10% of fortune 500 us corp's and is acute observer of two canadian banks
double wanton faced 219941
גם אני התגעגעתי. תתקשרי פעם.
double wanton faced 219946
frank? oh, frank, is it really you?
ever since i saw you had become a preacher , i prayed for god to bring us back together. oh frank, my lips lips lips lips are burning as hell. come frank grant my salvation
אנא פרענק? 219952
Narrow to me to disappoint you, Yakiwati.
double wanton faced 224850
I am really sorry (so to speak) witnessing how offended you are by an officer of the Israeli army.

I am really sorry about my previous deeds protecting people (better observed as creatures) like you are. I am taking a note and definitely will correct my deeds in the near future.

I am not a bean counter and really have no desire to start counting who served his country better, nevertheless I have some suspicious (reading between your lines) that you were not excelled in this area (and may I extend this definition to all areas) to say the least.

Now, if this fact is a source of pride for you I can not help it…about me, I am proud of my contribution to my country in the past and the present and it is definitely a source of encouragement for me.

In another thread I asserted that in many cases the few are those that making the difference and am not considering you among them apparently.

A small word of advice if I may, the huge amounts of envy is obviously popping behind every word of your posting, it makes you appearing really ugly, you know (not that I do care that much about it, may be it is just yours inherent nature).

Last but not least, if you sense a mocking language here by be, well, you are definitely correct.

two faces for every coin 225001
I am really glade to find sometimes responders here that their upper empty box is permitting them a criticism about typo mistake only, allows them actually hiding behind basic inability to comment about the issues at hand.

I did not created typo mistake deliberately but now am considering spreading some typo mistake intentionally and by that having the ability to expose the fogy minded responders here, those phony smarty in their own view only. It is funny (and sad alike) to notice all those Pavlove Doggies barking saliva only to cover their own incompetence.

Why I am so glad? Simple, it is allows me an easy smashing and mocking of them without even sweating.

So to this “Kashe and Makshe” ….as I said it is easy. The fact that you are “Kashe” is apparent to all, Let call you a ‘Bony Head’, a 'Low Forehead' perhaps? “Makshe”? You have not revealed any ability to comment or doubt anything in my postings so how come you are “Makshe”? You are nothing.

two faces for every coin 225024
דיון 1197
two faces for every coin 225026
Either you don't know what typo is or you erroneously find "it is allows", "I have some suspicious" and "I am almost feels" to be grammatically correct.
תגובה 225001
תגובה 224850
תגובה 223777
two faces for every coin 225061
You are insist in playing yet the stupid, no problem be my guest.
two faces for every coin 225075
If "mocking without sweating" is what you're looking for, read your own posts.

Each one of Hakashe's neurons is smarter than you.

two faces for every coin 225107
Yours name "Shot’he" is your witness…I did not said that you have!

I have no idea how smart this guy was previously (if any), in this case he is not excels to say the least,

You always smart as your last posting and this one, yours and his is disgrace.

Get it very well to your head, talk to the subject not to the object, or may be that is too much for your and his mental capability to handle….?

So, if you wish to clean up the garbage and start talking seriously you will find in me a willing associate, otherwise…, well, the choice is yours.

two faces for every coin 225110
עשה טובה ותתקין פונטים עבריים. האנגלית שלך שוברת לב.
A humble request 225253
Mr. AMR,

Unwittingly, you have made yourself as the well neigh subject.
Besides, my doges had never "barked saliva", the poor souls were merely "salivating".

Yours truly,

PS. Please make sure to spell my name, and to this effect any name, appropriately.

Much obliged,

two faces for every coin 225060
First is first,

Ayelet, you are correct I misspelled Orli’s name but how do you know that, is their any official spelling to her last name (Phederbush, fedarbush perhaps) that you know better? What about your name, is that the official spelling of your name in English? Is anybody can tell (except you)?

Now to the actual issue

I never met Orli, I never heard about her previously, apparently I do not know much about the ‘First Broadcast Authority” except of what I read here or there in the newspapers, so you can trust that I am not holding any misconception or preoccupied with previous bad opinion about her or the other side (I am just not that belong to the “Branja” to be that opinionate about them all).

What is that alerted me to the case is the uniformed response of the news-people regarding her case leaning totally to her favor only. When I read tens and hundred news people defending her and smashing the other side without listening to the other side, my ‘Antennas’ are sensing trouble.

Reading deeper into the case (and I always cross referencing most of the news I read) shows some disturbing facts.

1. Orli did not respond to the Evil(?) of the other “Side” while she was there. Sure, she was protecting here job by that but it is hinting about the character.
2. Orly was creating an alibi to herself secretly and unlawfully by tapping conversation between her and her employers. Though some of the readers may justify the law breaking only to protect self (not me though), yet how come this act is making her better then the other side (if we are assuming a wrong doing by the other side, a “Fact” that was not proven yet)
3. Orli was not making a real effort to discuss her situation with her employers (Claiming that they are not listening is a faint excuse). Instead she was very fast to distribute the conversation recorded tapes with the media. I suspect that she was doing that knowing the support and the news stirs it will create, using the media cynically to work hard for her cause.
4. The whole taping of conversation case is having the smell of preparing a nice and worm job some other place outside of the ‘First Broadcasting Authority’

Now, I may be wrong, may be I am just hallucinating; maybe Orli is pure like an angel, after all I am basing some opinions not on first hand knowledge but on reading newspapers (and we all know how careful we should be doing that), but somehow the whole case does not adds up, I do believe now that there is a definite second face to the case’s coin.

two faces for every coin 225201
קודם כל, לידיעתך, בישראל מותר לצד אחד להקליט (קול ותמונה) של פגישה או שיחה ללא ידיעת הצד השני. לא רק שאין כאן שום עבירה על החוק, ההקלטה יכולה לשמש ראיה בבית משפט.
דבר שני, תעשה לעצמך ולנו טובה ותתקין לך במחשב עברית. התבטאות עילגת בשפה שאתה לא שולט בה מספיק טוב פוגעת במסר שאתה מנסה להעביר.
two faces for every coin 225287
As an Israeli and as far as I know you are not permitted recording the other without his consent and the court will not recognized this recording as an admissible evidence in the trial.
In Israel you have to convince a judge that the recording is essential and justified to be granted the permission (see Mizrahi case for example).

All the above is as far as I know.

I would be glad to read a response from other readers that are prominent with our laws and regulations (lawyers, Judges) to clarify this issue.

two faces for every coin 225291
אלע''ד (אני לא עורך דין), אבל אתה טועה. החוק בישראל מתיר להקליט צד שני בשיחה ללא ידיעתו. אסור לצד שלישי שאינו משתתף בשיחה להקליט שני צדדים ללא ידיעתם.
two faces for every coin 225370
On my return back in a few weeks time I will investigate this point to the root.

If I am wrong then we are in a state of a chaos. It means that we have yet to learn much from the gentiles what true democracy is.

It seems that we have not yet secured fully the privacy and human rights in our country and that is alarming.

Again, if you are correct then I hope that some Israeli lawmakers are reading these postings and taking notes.

two faces for every coin 220141
it is our or she.

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