Choosing in life? is that a joke 221315
True, there are many similarities between South Africa and Israel but so do the similarities between The Ape and Human (97% and more DNA similarity).

So is the similarity between the Nazis (hold on, hold on…) and Israelis…you know both people, both eating, both dressing, both Human being, right?

The small but crucial differences are those that making the difference, so coming up with a list of similarities are less then impresses me, it is a joke.

The blacks in South Africa accepted the whites as equal, the Palestinians (well, the majority of) declaring their desire to destroy Israel and take the land, the Blacks never said such thing.
The blacks never threat the Whites there in changing their culture the Palestinians goal is to smash the Jewish nature of Israel converting it into a Muslim culture.
The Black there never threats the Whites there in kicking them off there land, the Palestinians well, you know already…

So, in the majority of the crucial points the differences between us and the Palestinians are too wide to bear and accept.

The dual nationality state is seems to be a very convenience solution, a kind of “Bang and we have got it”.
Truth is that we have to accept the fact that the dispute between us and the Palestinians requires longer time and patience. More over it may require an eternity due to the fact that the Muslim world is having real difficulties accepting the “New Crusaders” in Israel.

The true peace may come only when the Moslems (and primarily the Islamites – read: The Arab World) will come to realization that they have to join the rest of the world instead of fighting it.

History on the other hand is teaching us a bitter lesson that such a solution can not work in the long run. Even with all the fanfare in South Africa the Whites there are already in a move to create a white organization (actually already created!) that will eventually demand a separated place for them only.

The title of the article is misleading as well. Should I remind everybody that the German Jews could never believe that in the 20th Century such Holocaust could ever happen and therefore they “…Choose in Life…” as it seems to be then. Unluckily they did not count the Nazis in there calculations and LOST THERE LIVES.

I am sorry to witness the nerve breakdown of this misleading thesis writer.

Therefore the thesis here is unfounded and misleading to say the least.

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