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Thanks for the interesting article, Avi. What I feel is missing, and might supply an answer to the question whether Western Capitalism is good or bad for society, is the question of appreciation versus appropriation.

I'm less familiar with the examples you provide, and more familiar with world music (mostly Andean music and, more recently, African music). Naturally, these genres invoke a far more severe problem of misappropriation, because the people who produce the original music are indigenous cultures, often naive and unaware of the cynical use that Western industry does on their backs. When learning of musical styles in indigenous cultures, one must exercise caution not to do the following things:

1. "water down" the musical style, lose its quality and its original form.
2. claiming expertise where there isn't one.
3. hindering local musicians from making a living.

This is far better explained in an interesting article I recently read, "drumming for dollars":

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