Power should be used wisely 245678
Tactically the operation against the Hamas murderous nest was correct and just, more are needed and in larger intensity.

Nevertheless, our government is failing us on the strategic side. Israel should behave like a (smart) mad dog fighting the terror but at the same time show its human face dealing with just about 30% of the Palestinian population that supporting peaceful solution to the conflict.

Yes, it is a long and frustrating process but a must if we would like to see one day the light at the end of the tunnel.

No, I am not talking about Geneva initiative; this initiative was born in sin, outside of a legitimate democratic government and financed by the enemies of Israel and more then intended in achieving a relief to the conflict, came to achieve a political achievement to the declined, divided, impotent Israeli Left.

Israel should create an intensive among the Palestinians peace seekers to depart them and deny the terror. Pity, our leaders are short on that essential part of the conflict equation.

Conducting a war does not mean heading head to wall with full force. Power should be used wisely.

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