Youth and rememberance 266427
Thank you for the article; it was very moving, and the picture is evocative and beautiful.

I think that there are big differences between the rememberance of Rabin's murder and the holocaust. Much as one might criticize the early years of holocaust rememberance, I think Israeli culture and the education system did a good job in giving everyone a yearly reminder, which I have faith will endure even after the survivors are no longer with us. Rabin's murder, albeit traumatic (very traumatic for me), was an isolated incident, and perhaps its symbolic value has not "cashed in" yet sufficiently to transcend political differences (I may be wrong: Arlozorov's assassination certainly doesn't traumatize me).

That said, I think the shape of rememberance changes with age. My perspective is that of a thirty year old, who experienced the holocaust indirectly, through elder family members and cultural activity, and Rabin's murder in my early twenties. It may be that for younger folks, these events take different shapes.

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