Profiling and its Discontents 307144
Opening a public debate about this topic is a very healthy thing to have happen, in my opinion. I see this issue as a private case of various racial and socio-economic profiling mechanisms operating in various institutions and settings (there is plenty of writing about this by Jack Glaser, if anyone's interested). What's particularly interesting in the military context - and I talk about this a lot in my own work - is how these hidden inequalities (finding out race and status biases will not surprise me in the very least) work with an ethos of egalitarian, socio-neutral military service, according to which supposedly everyone can serve and everyone has an equal chance to reach each unit. These two mechanisms feed each other. While the egalitarian ethos draws attention away from profiling and its less palatable considerations, the hidden aspect of profiling justifies and perpetuates the ethos.

I really, really wonder what will happen if and when these standards are exposed.

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