A US Bank Policy excerpts 3164
Sorry 'bout the English, no Hebrew kbd.

The keyword to sexual harassment is
ENVIRONMENT. Sexual harassment is about
SEXISM not SEX, please open a dictionary.
Israeli society must undergo a substential
change, shake off all archeich notions of
Hevremaniyoot(?) et al. to understand that
an atmoshere that tolerates,
instinctibvely, a derogatory attitude
towards women, or any 'other' group, is
now very much pase.

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A US Bank Policy excerpts 3166
Please read top down.
Notice that the rules are spelled out for the
idiot-savant :~)

Policy against workplace harassment
Morgan is committed to maintaining
a collegial and productive work
environment in
which all individuals are treated
with respect and dignity. We want
each employee
to work in a professional atmosphere
that promotes equal opportunity and
discriminatory practices, including
sexual harassment, harassment on the basis of
any protected characteristic, and
inappropriate conduct that disrupts or interferes
with another's work performance
or creates an intimidating, offensive
, or hostile

Morgan requires that each employee
exhibit, in his or her conduct and
communication, sound judgment and
respect for the feelings and
sensibilities of
every other employee. It will
not tolerate insulting, degrading,
or exploitative
treatment, whether verbal,
nonverbal, or physical. The firm
expects that all
relationships will be businesslike
and free of bias, prejudice, and
Harassment is unacceptable in the
workplace and in any work-related
outside the workplace, such as
during business trips
and business-related social events.

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual
discrimination prohibited by law.
It includes
unwelcome sexual advances, requests
for sexual favors, and other verbal or
physical conduct of a sexual nature
(including discussions or comments), whether
made face to face, in writing,
on the telephone, or by electronic transmission,

submission to such conduct
is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or
condition of an individual's employment

submission to or rejection of
such conduct by an individual is
used as the basis
for employment decisions
affecting such individual

such conduct has the purpose
or effect of interfering unreasonably with an
individual's work performance
or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive
work environment for other individuals

Depending on the circumstances,
sexual harassment may include but is not
limited to:

verbal harassment (e.g.,
epithets, derogatory statements, jokes, threats, slurs)

physical harassment (e.g.,
offensive touching, pinching, assault, physical
interference with normal work or movement)

visual harassment (e.g., posters,
e-mail, cartoons, calendars, drawings)

innuendo and demands for sexual
favors (e.g., leering, whistling, unwelcome
sexual statements, propositions, advances)

It is essential to understand that consenting
relationships within the firm may lead
to unforeseen complications. Such relationships
could be between employees in
senior or supervisory positions and
less-senior or lower-level employees, between
coworkers, or between employees and
other persons connected to Morgan. The
respect and trust accorded a more senior
or supervisory person, as well as the
power held by that person in evaluating
or otherwise supervising an employee,
could diminish the extent to which the
employee feels free to choose a course of
action, particularly one that is
contrary to a supervisory person's expressed

A US Bank Policy excerpts 3172
לא יודע... אני חושש מהיום שתביעות מהסוג שיש ב''אלי מקביל'' יהפכו לתביעות בעולם האמיתי, ולא רק בסאטירה הטלוויזיונית. הטרדה מינית היא על ''אווירה סביבתית''. אפשר להרחיב ולהרחיב את המושג עד אינסוף, כך שגבר יאלץ להגיע למקום העבודה בעיניים עצומות וידיים קשורות מאחרי הגב כדי שלא יביט או יגע בטעות באישה. יש גבול. מותר לדבר. מותר לי להעיר הערות על מראה של אישה כמו שמותר לי להעיר הערות על מראה של גבר. מותר לי להביט על אישה. מותר לי לתלות קומיקס משעשע וסקסיסטי על הקיר במשרד שלי. מותר לי לספר בדיחות גסות בטווח השמיעה של נשים. אנחנו לא חיים בכלא, והרגשות של אנשים אחרים לא צריכים לעניין אותי.
שוב - כמו במקרה הרגשות הדתיים - רגשות זו בעיה של בעל הרגשות. הטרדות מילוליות, לא כולל איומים והצעות מיניות, הן הטרדות ולא הטרדות מיניות.

חזרה לעמוד הראשי המאמר המלא

מערכת האייל הקורא אינה אחראית לתוכן תגובות שנכתבו בידי קוראים