The Circle of Poverty 320045
As it seems, we can identify two major reasons to the Blacks’ poor situation (there are others but they are second to the main ones)

1. The Black community is sticking frantically to it own, demoting the White American values and even mocking it. As a result, the drive for achievement so popular among the Whites is disguised by the blacks, with all the negative consequences on the individual in the capitalistic society. On the other hand the drive to get rich and fast is exist in the form of Pop singers, athletes and alike where is the Black is relying on physical advantages to achieve fast monetary gains while investing little, considerably, “White” mental efforts
2. As a derivative of the first point, the model of the White American family is still demoted, even rejected by the American Black. As a result, the rate of broken family, Single Moms families is extremely high. In turn, families without Father-Model comemorateing the endless loop of poverty by making underachievers kids among those families, and the band goes on and on in endless loop called “The circle of Poverty”.

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