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And I thought this is going to be an actual discussion about participation of women in fighting units.

But instead, the author brings before us the entire weight of the Jewish religion. Everything is so logical, so simple! how can we even think otherwise?!Every child can see that women participation in the army is immoral! And giving away parts of Jerusalem?! Are you mad?! And how dare you talk to Arafat?!

Does the author really think that his claims can be the basis of a real discussion? Not that the Ha'ayal readers haven't tried before to confront the very core of the Jewish religion, but this effort was proven to be useless. The author is a religious man, and he is imprisoned by his conceptions as much as I'm imprisoned by mine.

Let him go his way, and I'll go mine. I'm just glad that at this moment in time, my country is going the same way.

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