should be very heated - for the rating.
The people who come should be provocative and the debate


other countries
- Torturing in Shabac interrogations - with comparisons to
- The future of Judaism - with rabbis from Israel and the States
from other countries
- The future of Jerusalem, with examples from the past and

- Jews from abroad who undetstand Isareli life
- Professors who have experience in talking to big crowds
- "Intellectual" politicians
Who can come?
can actually learn something from the discussion
It will be "Popolitica for inteligent people" - where you

theatre -something that supports the argument.
history, literature, poetry, science, cinema,
who wants to make an argument has to prepare some source: from
For example, a round table, but where every participant
What about creating an enhanced version of "Popolitica" - the TV program

פופוליטיקה חכמה? 3361
למעשה, האייל הקורא הוא בדיוק מה שאתה מציע, לא?
גם פורומים פחות מתוחכמים באתרים רבים מאד דומים לכך.
פופוליטיקה חכמה? 3363
Not exactly.
Ha'ayal is an elitistic forum with very little public
exposure. I am talking about a TV program with emotional
debates of intellectuals.

Perhaps with older people (retired politicians?) who
know to speak in public but are also able to listen. It
is the drama that has to be there. There should be a
conflict... Something like "Israel 2005" or a similar subject.

חזרה לעמוד הראשי המאמר המלא

מערכת האייל הקורא אינה אחראית לתוכן תגובות שנכתבו בידי קוראים