Hi Shimon, It has been a long time since I visited here at Haayal and I just read your story. You are absolutely right about the general feeling here about Israel and the Arabs. If the Americans did not know much about the Middle East - they are learning very fast. The TV is mostly pro Israel. I just wanted to add a personal thought: It is possible that Bush and Sharon have an agreement to do what they are doing: Sharon will continue to fight the terrorists and Bush will continue to "scream". So people in Israel should not get worried if they see Bush getting angry. It is a part of the show.
זו היתה גם תחושתי. 40244
יתכן גם שזו הסכמה שבשתיקה, ללא תיאום מפורש.
או שבכלל לא.
''דבקה'' כבר יעשו מזה מטעמים.
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Dear Galit, allow me to disagree with the opinion you have expressed here. I was very surprised to read your remark - I guess things are very different in Arizona. After two years here I have to admit - the average American hates Jews more than he hates the Arabs. The "average American" (and this would be an anthropological reference, mostly from conversations with American Jews from across the US) hates Arabs for 2 days after September 11th, and then goes back to work and remembers how he dislikes the Jews (and I am not only refering to the southern states, but also to some New England states). I don't know how the couple Gelbetz embed their theory, since as has already been mentioned, popular media opinion poles are hardly a reliable measure. I do not suggest that my measures are any better (talking with 10 people is hardly reliable); but living among them, I find it very difficult to accept the opinion presented in the article. Let's look for some evidence when talking about "Americans" and what they think.
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Noga, you are talking about "Jews" and I was talking about "Israel" and political support for her. The subject of Jews feeling hated because they are Jews is a separate issue...

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