A few remarks: 4241
The jews are not the only people who believe they are superior
to everybody else. Other examples: the japanese, the tibetans.

Not only the jews invented the morals. The chinese, hindus
and buddhists did it as well.

Monotheism is not a jewish invention. It developed from a
mixture of cultural influences from ancient near-eastern
cultures like babylon, assyria and egypt.

Justifyting nazism because of a prior negative jewish influence
on the world is akin to a murderer or robber that demands to
be acquitted because society condemned him to life of poverty
and cruelty in the gutters. Sorry. The court doesn't accept this
argument. There are other ways to solve problems.

It is still a legitimate question whether there is some specific
quality of jews or judaism (as opposed to other religions) that
causes antagonism by outside people.

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