How to topple an authoritarian (Orwellian 1984 style) regime? 457003
I suspect that agitation by means of words is insufficient against Orwellian style despotic regime. What I believe is needed is to empower the common people to agitate with weapons.

I think that arming the citizenry is the most effective way of advancing towards a regime change.

A dictatorship wants their subjects to be docile, not thinking for themselves, obedient and weak, In a word: sheep. So that the subjects cannot effectively resist whatever creed the regime is scourging on them.

Such a regime has first and foremost one thing on its mind – how to hold-on to power. Therefore it is always stamping out dissent from within and crushing any form of insurgency.

That violent brutality needs to be reciprocated in kind – for aggression understands no other language but its own – and the only effective way of doing that is by giving the people the means to exercise violence themselves.

I expect that this most primal democratic form of breaking the state’s monopoly on violence will increasingly nibble at the regime’s ability to exercise control over its repressed nation.

The key is in technology and the will to do so. Cheap manufacturing of weapons for mass circulation is arguably what is needed.

What a dissenter needs is a personal weapon. One that is small, easy to conceal, light weight and muffled-shot. The varied arsenal of explosives can be supplanted according to needs.

Like the West drops bags of staples on famished lands, like the Americans dropped portable radios on Iraqis, so we need to get weapons into the hands of oppressed people.

One method of dispensing these items could be just that: air-borne drops for random mass distribution accompanied with native language yielding instructions and tips.

The effect will be to nibble at the regime: no presganging police will walk freely or carry out their orders without fear of effective resistance and reprisal.

Naturally, I expect the regime will retort by threatening any weapon carrier with the pains of death and will do its outmost to remove these weapons.

Invasion followed by a military campaign to forcibly oust a regime are totally out of the question.

Only when a bloody dialectic of violence, the likes of the Wild West’s “Billy the Kid” gun stands and shooting spree scenes, will reign supreme and wreak havoc in any control mechanism will the yoke of a despotic regime be lifted.

האין זו גירסא מודרנית ל'לחם ושעשועים'? 457014
('שירו כמה שבא להם, כל עוד הם משלמים מע"מ על הכדורים'?)

התכוונת למדינה מסויימת, או לכל משטר רודני שלא מספק לאזרחים נשק להילולות דמים?
האין זו גירסא מודרנית ל'לחם ושעשועים'? 457058
I have N. Korea in mind. I see no other way for a swift demise of that orwellian regime.

What i was trying to say is that at some circumstances, extreme as they may be like in that country, weapons proliferation can be more good than bad.

Inevitably, the drawback of this suggestion is that innocent people will get killed when people just aim their guns towards each other
לא נכון 457845
1. המדינה בדרך כלל חזקה יותר. התגובה של המדינה להתנגדות חמושה של אזרחים תהיה הפעלה שיטתית של טרור. זה לא יגמר טוב. לאזרחים פרטיים אין טנקים ומטוסים ואין להם יכולת התארגנות ומשמעת צבאית. זה לא יעבוד נגד משטר שיש לו צבא.
2. היו מקרים שבהם משטר אלים שעסוק במלחמה פנימית והנתמך *מבחוץ* מאבד את התמיכה ונעלם. במקרה כזה, כאשר האזרחים חמושים, אתה לא מקבל שיפור משמעותי בבטחון האישי או ברמת החיים של האוכלוסיה. (ע"ע עירק, אפגניסטן, סומליה, סודן...) האזרחים החמושים יתחילו לירות אחד בשני.
לא נכון 457859

The armed oppressed rabble of today is the armed oppressor of tommorrow.

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