i enjoy very much reading those comments cause people here debate and not fighting one another as in other furoms but i have to protest against this analize as it is our mistake wich we are not whilling to comprehance- meaning the fact that we are analaizing all the time- wheather arafat ment one thing or another in his speach is of no importense and analizing it ignores all that we have learned till now- that wards say nothing onlly actions, and the actions of arafat we saw and we know and theres no need to be an analist to know he wants to fight- by asking if it is his aim or not we spend valuiblle time wich costs in life- the realisem point of view demend us to act now imidiatlly and resotre the order as we cant let anyone else being responsiblle on our life aspecially when that one that we made as our partner is not whilling to do it himself- after we will have avictory onlly then it will be agood time to analize and find solutions, but first lets protect our life!!

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