Now sleep pure Moses 59215
Sleep little, pure Moses - when you wake, your's the world to shape

And maybe the dawn have not awoken me for the sea:

El.h.y.m (God) in Hebrew : Note that separating the full word you get : God of the sea (El-Hayam),
or the power of the sea.

In this context, please note that Miryam (Maria) the mother of Jesus - means in Hebrew
"from the sea" (Yam = sea).
Maria - is related to the noun Maris (Latin) = sea.
Regina Maris: queen of the sea.

Yehowa hu Haelohim (Yahwe is god) - means: Yehowa is the name of the power of the sea.

Is this related to the "ancient invaders from the sea ' mentioned in the bible?

The book of Job provides a description of the fight of God with sea gods, like Behemoth,
which he chained and put a guard on him.

"At the beginning God created (B.ra) Heaven and earth and all their armies". The writing is in fact: At the beginning God destroyed (Bera) heaven and earth and all their armies. and after that initial act of victory and destruction : "Earth was Chaos (Tohu vabohu) and the wind of the god of the sea hovers above the waters".

Tohu - interpreted as chaos -see the goddess Tohomat (Abyss) appearing in the book of Job.

Sleep in peace, little, sweet Moses - when you wake ---

Please note: Moses, like Yeshua (Jesus) contains the root Yeshua (salvation), but also "Limshot"
(Take out from the water): "His name was Moses because I took him out of the water (Mashiti).
Again - Yeshua (Salvation) is related to "getting him out of the water or sea).

The ancient Egyptian suffix Mossis (Tut-Mossis) can well be related to Maris, Mer, sea, water.
For example, the verb "Yimass" such as in "Va'yimass levavam" in the Bible - that is, "turned into water", seems to involve ancient Egyptian roots related to water.

My thesis is that Etymology, ancient genealogy and the originating formation of some key words reflect co-occurring historical processes and major social developments

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