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1st of all, Congrats, Gidi, on the superb article. Who helped with the spelling? (kidding)0
As a friend of Gidi's, who's been visited by him 3 times here in Budapest, I'd like to emphasize the main point he was trying to get across: intolerance, or just plain ignorance, stems from prejudice, from people not trying to get to know each other (and I'm not only referring to blind, or handicapped, persons).0
This is also why, when a business is opened, the investors seldom think of handicapped persons when picturing their potential customers, and hence - do not install any aids for them.0
As an example, almost every time Gidi and I go out to a restaurant/pub/cafe, whether in Israel or abroad, he likes to taunt the waiter/waitress by grabbing the menu and exclaiming, "This menu is empty! There's nothing on it!". Only once the joke didn't work, because the waitress handed him a Braille menu...0
Sorry for the looong reply (but it IS 4:50 am...)0
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