Ancient temples in Israel 82761
Something that was not really known until last years, is that the southern Negev is full of pagan temples.
Those temples are usually very small; two stones standing on the ground, usually one wide that repersents the female, and one high that represents the male.
It is still much unclear how and why the pagan tradition stopped in this areas, but it was very common. In very unaccurate estimation, I´d say that between Úvda valley and Yotvata there are over 100 such temples, and more are found during the years.
Ancient temples in Israel 82766
האם תוכל להרחיב, מפונו הרחוקה, איך התגלו המקדשים הפגניים האלה
ומה גרם לחוקרים לקבוע שאבן אחת מיצגת גבר והשניה את האשה.
Ancient temples in Israel 82999
On 1981 begun built of Ùvda airport, which destructed most of the valley.
As a preliminary, an archaelogical survey was made in the valley and found huge number of sites, the famous of them is the leopards temple near road to Shaharut.
In the last years it was made clear that are much more temples and stones.
On very famous place is mount Karkom, due to the controvesial claim it was mount Sinai of the bible.
About the stones, I do not really know. I can say that in mant pagan traditions male and female come together.
E.g. Baál and Áshtoert, or in lake Titikaka - I was some days ago in Amantani island.
The island has two peaks, Pacha Tata and Pacha Mama -
"father earth" and mother earth".
On each peak there is an ancient temple.
גראסיאס 83006
(גראסיאס Obrigado (and not 83755
Since in Copacabana (Brazil) they speak Portuguese, not Spanish
Gracias 83805
חוף קופקבנה בברזיל נקרא ע''ש העיר קופקבנה בבוליביה, בה הייתי לחוף ימת טיטיקקה. ובבוליביה אכן מדברים ספרדית (וגם כמה שפות מקומיות).
ועל כל הטיול בהרחבה - בקרוב באייל (בכפוף לשיקולי המערכת).
Ancient temples in Israel 83333
I've just been reading a theory in the Larousse encyclopedia of Mythology that the Canaanite Phoenicians originated in the Negev...
Ancient temples in Israel 82889
Pagan traditions never really stopped - some of them still exist in modern Judaism, and I am going to write about that too.
Some of my ideas have already been published in my e-book "אלתו של עגנון", accessible from the literary site of
Pagan traditions in Bolivia 82995
I saw today such remnant in Copacabana.
Today there is a festival of the local virgin, with many pagan charactertistics.
The pilgrims who climb on the mountain, bring with them miniatures of houses, vehicles, money and even diplomas, and put them near the virgin `pesel`.
They believe that in doing so, they will receive the real thing during the following year.

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