The discussion above assumes that Barak really intends to
create a constitution. And what if this move has other goals,
?perhaps more important

Try this: Raising the idea of a constituion is an attempt to
wipe the Likud from the political map and place Shas as
.the second largest party

Let's suppose that a peace deal with Arafat is at hand. It is
.even possible that this deal will enjoy a big popular support
What will happen to the Likud on the day after the
?ceremony on the white house lawn

It will become completely irrelevant because national
security will no longer be an issue. The "Amcha" will vote
for Shas (unless a miracle in the form of military tension
with Syria will erupt - but how likely is this?). And the poor
Likud will be promptly reduced to a new version of the
historical "Herut" - a home for Ashkenazi revisionists. I am
afraid this is a very small electoral reservoir in Israel

Now the suggestion of a national constitution comes into
:play. It has a double effect
First, it reminds the Shomrey Masoret part of the Likud
.voters that the Likud is at best divided over this subject
Jabotinsky, for example, would probably have loved the
:idea of a liberal constitution! and the conclusion will be
!You want a jewish state? Vote for Shas

This situation will leave Mr. Sharon with no alternative
but to postpone the election in order to prevent the
catastrophic defeat of the Likud. While the Likud backs
the government from either inside or outside, to prevent an
early election - Mr. Barak will gain precious time to conclude
.the peace agreement with Arafat - a second goal achieved

,Barak is very much interested in this process because Shas
even with 30 mandates, will not be able to control the Knesset
nor determine who will be prime-minister, because the
Russians will never cooperate with Shas. The Likud, the only
.serious opponent, will be crashed and Barak will be re-elected

If Mr. Sharon agrees with this scenario, we will hear him in the
,upcoming days as the loudest voice that calls for early election
while Shas will first let Barak finalise the peace agreements,
.then go to election and steal votes from the Likud

Could it be that there is an unholy alliance between Barak and
?Shas to eliminate the Likud
This would explain why both Barak and Shas are encouraging
the formation of wide rifts between religious and secular
jews. And there will be no constitution. Politics, after all, is
.just a cynical game

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