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Good evening folks and congratulations as the Ayal celebrates 3 years...

Today I have interviewed the famous Lebanese musician Rabih Abou Khalil for the Ayal. For the past 15 years he has won 5 German jazz awards and has sold more than half a million CDs. He is a fascinating person and we found ourselves happily discussing on everything from the history of jazz to regional politics. About 3 hours of the interview are recorded into tape, from which one can easily make 2-3 long articles
One will be published at Haayal, one at NewStage and no idea about the others. That as soon as I find the time to record the interview into MP3. and the bored man to make the appropriate transcript.

Anyways, Rabih gave me some 7 CDs of him, so mail me if you want to get to know him better.

Tomorrow - Stokholm via London, and then Helsinky and Lisbon, fascinating ha?

Good night,

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