Ramat Gan - Winnipeg 99647
Hello to the people who remember me and to the readers in general.

I wanted to write this response because of the unplanned coincidence of events, the way I see it, that happened to me during these past weeks.

From where I'm sitting now I wasn't aware that the 7th annivesary of Rabin's assasination was commemorated in Israel these days. I find that pretty coincidentle since at the time all the events that came before and after Rabin's assasination made me realize and conclude for myself that whatever is going to happen in Israel is not going to be good, at the very least I didn't want to be there. So some weeks ago I made the crutial step and came to Canada. It was intended to be an initial get-to-know-you tour but as days go by I understand it is going to be a long stay. In some respect one can retrospect and say my feelings from back then made me do certain efforts towards some goals in my life and eventually brought me to where I am.

I hope my comment contributes genuinly to your discussion and still I hope not to be too devasive and not to provoke bad feelings among any. As a former residing Israeli I will always care about Israel though I choose my home to be elsewhere.

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