Provocation 10158
Who's interest do these riots serve? Evidently, there is no chance of changing the borders of israel through roadblocking and stone-throwing, and israeli arabs know that.

Some other options:

- That Arafat is trying to gain some ground in the negotiation.

- That the Hamas is trying to show its strength.

- That Barak instigated the riots, for example in order to facilitate the transfer of the temple mount to UN control.

Any ideas what our cynical politicians may be trying to achieve?
Provocation 10163
No chance to change the borders through road blocking and stone throwing?
Explain the Intifada then?
It takes some time, but stone throwing is a proven way to get Israel to the negotiation table.
Provocation 10166
The intifada didn't change the borders of Israel. Gaza and the west bank were not and are not a formal part of Israel. Conceding east jerusalem is a special case, probably unrelated to the Intifada. the Golan, which is officially a part of Israel, will seemingly be given to Syria, but not because of riots.
Provocation 10270
הגולן ינתן לסוריה לא בגלל אבנים כי אם בגלל קטיושות!!

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