Genetically, we are from here 137674
Sorry for the language. It is fascinating to see the research into the Jewish Genom. Apparently, Y Chromosome Bears Witness to Story of the Jewish Diaspora

With a new technique based on the male or Y chromosome, biologists have
traced the diaspora of Jewish populations from the dispersals that began
in 586 B.C. to the modern communities of Europe and the Middle East.

The analysis provides genetic witness that these communities have, to a
remarkable extent, retained their biological identity separate from
their host populations, evidence of relatively little intermarriage or
conversion into Judaism over the centuries.

Another finding, paradoxical but unsurprising, is that by the yardstick
of the Y chromosome, the world's Jewish communities closely resemble not
only each other but also Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese, suggesting
that all are descended from a common ancestral population that inhabited
the Middle East some four thousand years ago.

So we are from here even if we are from Europe or the Arab countries. The longing to go BACK to Jerusalem and Israel is really in the heart of the national Zionism.
And it is not that we didn't want to be part of the Levant: See pictures of the Halutzim with the Cafias.

The Crusaders were outsiders. We came back home

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