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Very interesting article. The author should get credit for his good and accurate observation, a specially being a tourist and not a residence of the US.

I would like to share two statistic facts with the other readers.

The Berkeley (California) high school is one of the best public high schools in the nation. Every year, about 80% of the “white” student graduate from school, while only 20% of the black students do graduate! Just to remained you: same school, same teachers, same facility… Among the blacks, if you are academically “good student” you will be named “Oreo”, like the cookie, because you are black outside but white inside…

Yes, this is a social issue, not genetic one, but it is a social problem of the black community. It is not something impose on them by some “outside oppressive force”.
It is well known that the main road to success in life is education (*). It is unfortunate (and at list to my mind- not understood) why a lot of blacks simply reject education.

Another amazing statistic: there is no “official” racial discrimination in the US, but if you are a black male, your chances to be in jail at list once in your life are 1:7. This is way above the chances of non-black male from the same socioeconomic class. Just think about it, one out of every 7 black men will be jailed at list once in their lifetime! I can just guess that it is not something that do “good” to anyone state of mined…

So, what is going on? Racial profile by the police/justice system? A way to rebel a society you feel dose not give you a “fair” chance, or you simply feel alienated whith?

(*) You can define success any way you want, being a Yogi Master or a scientist, you still need education.

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ולא זו בלבד ש-‏1:7 שחורים עוברים תקופת מאסר כלשהי בחייהם. ממה שהבנתי, סיבת המוות הראשונה בקרב גברים שחורים עד גיל 40 היא רצח.
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One of the interesting things I've heard people here say about Berkeley High is the covert discrimination in school programs. The school offers a wide range of programs, so that white, privileged students are offered a completely different schooling program from that offered to the less affluent. Therefore, the two groups go to two very different "schools" in the same location.

To read more about Berkeley High, and about public high-schools in general, you may want to check out this fabulous book:

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