against it 100% 35466
i am sorry but nothing justifies the horrible torcher that thousands of animals experience at the hands of scientists. if the animals didn't suffer why are they heard screaming in labs!!!! like a previous writer said that if the animals gave their consent and understood what was happening then fine but as they have no idea what's happening to them then it's plain cruel and unneccessary. experiments on humans who agree to be tested on are much more beneficial to science as their genetic makeup is like the rest of ours but animals are different. my dog eats dirt and doesn't get sick but can i eat what he eats???? can i use the same medicines as he can ?? when my dog had an eye infection the vet warned us not to give him the same eyedrops like we use as his body functions differently to ours.
there are alternatives to animal experiments but alternatives cost more money so they aren't used. it all boils down to one thing money and peoples' greedness.

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